• Hiring process:
    1. Once you have visited our showroom or website and are ready to order our sales staff at your closest branch will request your personal information and function details before we can send you a quote. This is valid at time of issue but is not confirmed until you have sent us written confirmation and paid your deposit.
    2. We will request you supply us with your ID number and vehicle registration number for security purposes. This is for our protection as we have been a victim of fraud in the past.
    3. The hiring period is for 3 days, the day before, day of event and day after. For a weekend this is from a Friday to Monday. This can be extended at an additional hiring cost. Early collection can be arranged, with special permission, in advance.
    4. Please return all goods as they are, dirty and bagged, however please make sure that stains have dried before bagging to avoid mould stains which will be seen as a damage for your account.
    5. Delivery and collection can be arranged and will be billed for, please request a quote for this should you need.
    6. When the goods are returned we will count them with you or your driver, and any shortages or damages will be pointed out which you will sign for. Please be patient and allow some time for this when you send a driver.
    7. Please always use your client code as a reference for payments.


    Payment and Refunds:

    1. We require a security deposit and payment in full before collection for all COD clients.
    2. We prefer security deposits to be paid in cash, which will be returned to you once the goods are returned on time and undamaged.
    3. Any damages or shortages will be invoiced and will be deducted from your deposit. If the amount exceeds your deposit we will request payment immediately.
    4. If you have paid your deposit by EFT or CC we will try pay it back by cash, unless there is not enough cash on hand in which case we will EFT this to you within 7 working days with our next payment run.



    1. We run a sophisticated laundry and are able to remove most stains from our cloths so please do not attempt to launder at home. Most food and beverage stains will come out so don’t worry about all that red wine when clearing up!
    2. Please, however be careful of the following which will not come out and will be billed for your expense:
    • Paint
    • Oils
    • Grease stains
    • Wax (especially on SEQUINS where all wax will be billed for as a damage. Please note the sequins carry an exceptionally high replacement value between R2000 and R2800 per tablecloth)
    • Dust and dirt – do not drag the tablecloths
    • Mould
    • Burns, tears and holes will all be billed for


    How do we bill for damages and shortages:

    We will offer you a choice depending on the severity:

    1. You pay the full replacement cost and you keep the damaged cloth.
    2. If we can use some of the fabric to make serviettes or runners we will reduce the cost and then we keep the damaged cloth.
    3. All shortages will be billed at the maximum price. If you find the missing items please return them and we will credit 50% of the bill.


Important Notice Regarding the Hiring of Sequin Products

Due to the delicate nature of sequins the following is effective immediately:


  1. Any wax on any sequin items will be billed for as damaged.
  2. Any severe stains including red wine and dried food will be billed as damaged.
  3. All sample orders of any sequin item will be billed for at full price.
  4. Please do not attempt to remove wax, doing so will damage the colour of the sequins, which will result in a damage bill.


Notification of price increases:

Hiring Price Increases:

Full size sequin cloths (excluding copper and cerise) will now be R350 ex VAT. Copper and Cerise will cost R240 ex VAT.

The hiring price of all Sequin Runners will now be R79 ex VAT.

Replacement Cost increases:

Full size sequin cloths (excluding copper and cerise) will now be R3000 ex VAT. Copper and Cerise will cost R2400 ex VAT.

All Sequin Runners will now be R400 ex VAT.

If THC agrees, the replacement cost can drop to 2/3 of the replacement cost and THC keeps the damaged item.


Sequins are plastic coated and extremely delicate. Please treat like tissue paper.


Hiring of Sequins is done at your own risk and by doing so you accept these terms.